A1 Comfort Control - Uneven Air Flow

It is very critical that you know that having balanced air flow coming from your HVAC system will provide the appropriate heat or cold you want in your home. At the same time, if your HVAC system is balanced and even, it should run more efficiently thus, lowering your energy consumption.

Sometimes, a malfunctioning air vent or duct may be the cause for uneven air flow and temperature in a particular area. If you find problems here, then you will know what to focus on. Inspect the inside of the vents and check if there is anything blocking the path of the air. If there is, then open the vent and remove it.

Adjust the vents. Sometimes, merely adjusting the vents through its lever may be the answer to even out the air flow in a particular area. For instance, if the area is too cold, then you can actually balance it out by closing the vent partially.

Call A1 Comfort Control. If all your adjustments fail, then another  option is to call us to fix the problem. If your HVAC is newly installed, it should still be under warranty.