A1 Comfort Control - Thermostats

New computerized home heating thermostats are much smarter than their old mercury tilt and coiled metal spring ancestors.

In the old days, a metal coil would expand or contract, and on the end of it was a mercury tilt switch. When the coil contracted enough to tilt the switch, it kicked the heater on... the heater would run for a while, the coil would warm up and expand and tilt the switch back, turning the heater off..

Many older thermostats only allow you to set the system at one temperature, then it maintains the house at the temperature all day and night.

Note; some thermostats are also connected to your central air conditioning system, and will turn the A/C on and off to cool the house when the temperature is above the one you've set.

The newest types of thermostats allow you to program up to 4 different time and temperature settings per day, and to program it for M-F, Weekend, Vacation, and Custom settings.

By programming your thermostat to only heat or cool the house at times when you will be awake and at home you can save a significant amount, (10 to 20 percent of your annual home heating bill!).

If, in the course of the year you use 1200 gallons or home heating fuel, and you save only 2 percent, that's 24 gallons. If the fuel costs $2.00 per gallon, you've just saved $48.00 in one year. Mutiply that over the course of 10 years, and this simple home improvement can easily save you $480.00 or more!